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The Best Reasons to Have an Elopement

Our wedding day can be one of the most romantic, meaningful, and memorable days of our lives – and for some people, that means an elopement wedding that’s all about the two of them.

It’s no surprise that elopements are rising in popularity as people continue to refine what truly matters to them. Since every marriage is as unique as the two people entering it, why shouldn’t the wedding itself reflect that individuality?

While there are many reasons why you may be considering an elopement, we’ve rounded up the very best reasons to follow through on this romantic adventure. The 100+ elopements we’ve been lucky enough to be a part of have highlighted just how important it is to understand why this is the right choice for you and your partner, and how you can reflect that intimate personalization in every inch of your elopement adventure.

You’re ready to get married – right now!

Google ‘how long does it take to plan a wedding?’ and you’ll see advice and timelines that range from a standard 6-12 month period to multiple years of preparation. While a traditional wedding planning process may suit some couples, for others, this can be a frustratingly long time to wait before jumping into the joy of marriage and beginning this new life season.

By nature of their intimate ceremonies, elopements can be planned in a matter of days. You and your partner can take as much or as little time as you like to dream up your perfect elopement adventure. By prioritizing a few critical decisions, such as your elopement wedding venue, elopement photographers, and whether or not you’d like to throw a party after your elopement, you’ll be able to shape a personal blueprint. This can be achieved much more quickly than a traditional wedding event.

You don’t love the idea of being the center of attention, and you want to be completely focused on each other

Weddings can be incredible experiences of joy, celebration, and togetherness – or they can be overwhelming and stressful for the two people who are meant to be having the best time!

While some personality types fit right into the attention that comes with a large, traditional wedding, others prefer a quiet wedding alternative.

Elopement ceremonies are no less meaningful without a crowd watching on. In fact, many of our couples find they’re more special than they could have ever expected, thanks to the intimacy of the experience.

All you need for an elopement is yourself, your partner (obviously!), and the people your state requires for your marriage license to be legally binding. This may mean a witness and an officiant.

Helpful tip: As Simon is officially ordained in most states, he can legally marry you, complete all the necessary paperwork, and deliver the most kick-ass elopement photos – one less person you need to organize!

You want to get married in an unforgettable location

Do you know what you don’t need when you decide to elope?

Dozens of folding chairs for a beach-side ceremony. Rented restroom facilities for farm weddings. Buses to cart guests back and forth from a pick-up point to a location that’s difficult to reach.

If you want to get married in a location that’s not exactly ideal for masses of people, an elopement wedding removes all of the barriers to your wildest dream locations.

We’re talking about a Great Smoky Mountains elopement. A Mt. Rainier elopement. A Zion National Park Elopement. A Grand Canyon elopement. Heck, even a Volcanic Crater Elopement!

Whether your dream is to get married on the edge of a cliff in the middle of the wilderness or in the middle of one of the most crowded tourist attractions in the world, elopement wedding venues have next to no limitations compared to traditional wedding venues.

Not only will you save thousands in hire fees, but there’s no need to stress the small details in bringing a wedding venue to life – choose the most luscious location you can conjure up, and your intimate wedding can be brought to life.

The best elopement locations are the most meaningful to you and your partner, whether that means a three-hour hike to the destination or a sprint through the crowds as the sun reaches the horizon. The photos will be unforgettable, as will the moment you begin your married life in a place that brings you authentic, unique joy.

You’re looking for the most meaningful experience possible – without draining your bank account.

The average West Coast 150-person wedding cost for 2022 ranges from $43,000-58,000. While that can be an excellent investment in a memory that will last forever, this isn’t a financial priority for everyone.

Intimate weddings and elopement ceremonies can be as meaningful, unique, and romantic as large-scale weddings. Eloping also doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the party, with many couples throwing a raging party after their elopement with all of their friends and family.

You can find the best of both worlds in an elopement adventure wholly tailored to the desires of you and your partner, creating a day of significance, romance, and deep meaning while partying with your community after the fact!

There’s no set cost to elope, but with so many fewer items to spend money on, the savings are significant. You can also focus your budget on the line items that will last long after your wedding day, like an elopement photographer who can capture every inch of your adventure in beautiful, epic detail.

The choice is yours!!!

Ultimately, your wedding needs to be about you, your partner, and what matters most to the two of you.

If that means we’re hiking behind you before the sun’s up for miles, camping on the edge of a mountain, jumping into a helicopter, or traveling to the middle of the desert, we can’t wait to go on that elopement adventure with you as you commit yourselves for life. It’s an honor.

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