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Micro Weddings Vs Elopements

Remember your romantic dream to elope, just the two of you?

The ideas were flowing about the intimacy of your special day together, focusing on your love story and deep connection. That is what elopements are all about, and as elopement photographers, we love telling couples love stories through our lens. Some of your closest loved ones might be along for the adventure (it’s still an elopement with up to 15 guests.)

After announcing the big news with friends and family, you agree to a micro wedding. Of course, it’s lovely that everyone wants to join in to celebrate this special new chapter in your life. But before you know it, the guest list is longer than you ever imagined. If you want a big wedding, then that’s wonderful. But if an elopement is really what your heart desires, you should have exactly that.

An elopement is much more intimate and romantic than a micro-wedding ceremony. Although micro weddings can be gorgeous, creating that undeniably warm and close atmosphere that comes with an elopement is challenging to create with a wedding with over 15 guests.

We don’t hear couples who eloped say they regret not having everyone gathered together for their simple small wedding. But we do know those couples who yearned to elope but gave in to pressure to have a bigger wedding. They say they wish they had been firmer with their wishes to forgo the family photos, big buffet, long speeches, and a conga line.

The beauty of elopements is the way time flows. You can get ready together if you wish. Or you might like to separate and meet up for a dreamy first look and photos before the ceremony. There is no pressure without guests to worry about. You can hold hands and fall into the giddy experience of tying the knot your way.

Everyone can gather together closely during the ceremony if you only have a few guests, which is key to creating that intimate mood. After the ceremony, we have plenty of time for photos which will be planned out in advance. We might run away to the top of a mountain or spend some time at the beach, chasing pretty scenes and sunsets with laughter and kisses along the way.

 Elopements are also more affordable than weddings without the food and drink costs. But that doesn’t mean you need to have a simple celebration. Many couples put those savings into richer experiences, such as traveling to a place they always wanted to go, and doing fun activities together to celebrate their commitment to each other in a way that is true to who they are.

The stress factor is another big reason elopements are favored over weddings. Elopements are much easier to worry about with less cost, logistics, and wedding planning details.

We love elopements because there is nothing more romantic. We adore the concept so much that we based our whole photography business around elopements. So if you are planning to elope and are looking for a dedicated photography team to document your best day ever, please connect with us. We would love to hear about your vision for the day.

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