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Helping adventurous introverts, just like us, have the meaningful wedding experience of their dreams.

Every love story is a journey of two hearts coming together to experience life's greatest adventure.
That's what eloping is all about: making your wedding as special as your own story and showing the true connection you share.

Imagine a wedding day that’s just like the excitement you feel together. It could be climbing a tall mountain, skiing on fresh snow, going on a wild jeep ride, or enjoying the peace of a campfire in the woods. This day is yours to fill with what you love most, with no rules to hold you back.

These are your “once-in-a-lifetime” moments that you will never forget.


 Lisa and Simon as your photographers

Simon as your officiant

No travel fees

Vendor recommendations

Help with the permits

Aerial (drone) photography where it’s allowed

4-12 Gif moments from your day

Our in-depth couples questionnaire to help you plan your day

Timeline creation

Unlimited video chats and emails to plan your dream day

Private, custom online gallery with unlimited downloads

Copyright release for the personal use of the images

Access to professional print shops


Simply contact us by sending us a Contact Form and we will check the availability for your date. We will schedule time to meet  via FaceTime, Zoom or phone call, so the four of us can meet and talk more about your vision for the day. We will send you a digital contract with all the details. To book us, simply sign the digital contract and make a 30% retainer, and you’re all set! We make it a very simple and enjoyable process for everyone.

Before your wedding day, you will need to obtain a marriage license. You may apply and purchase a marriage license from the state where you are planning to elope.  Every state charges different amounts, but it’s somewhere around $95.  Both parties will need to be present and have a government-issued ID. The license is only good for 90 days, so make sure it’s no more than 2-3 months before your wedding date. Once you have your license, make sure to give it to us before the ceremony. It must be physically on-site for the duration of the ceremony.  Once we’ve received it, we’ll be in charge of the license from that point on. Immediately after the ceremony, we’ll have the witness(es) sign if necessary, and we will fill in and sign the license. All you’ll need to do is drop it off, and your marriage is official. After the license has been recorded, certified copies of the marriage certificate will be available from the Recorder’s office for a fee.

Making children a part of the ceremony is an excellent way to showcase the coming together of two families into one. Your kids can definitely be a part of your ceremony.

Yes, please!!! We absolutely love when clients bring along their furry friends. We would say at least 40% of our clients elope with their dogs.

We recommend booking a full day simply because you can’t get this day back, and we believe it’s worth documenting the entire thing. That being said, we recommend to any of our couples that have guests, that want to go to more than one location or do more than one thing during their elopement experience to book at minimum the full day elopement. The multi-day elopement is also perfect if you want a private day and then a day with family, or if you want to go to two different areas or go backpacking!

We both are camera-shy ourselves, so we always aim for open communication from your very first point of contact with us so that by the time your elopement arrives, it feels like we are your really good friend with a camera in hand 🙂

No, there are no travel fees as long as you elope in one of these states:

California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Arizona, Hawaii, or Alaska 

We understand that having your favorite people with you on such a  special day is essential for some couples. This is why we allow up to 20 guests for an elopement celebration. However, we always recommend keeping the number smaller if possible. A more intimate gathering not only enhances the personal and private atmosphere of an elopement but also provides you with more options when choosing the perfect venue to say “I do.” The smaller the guest list, the more unique and intimate venues you can consider for your beautiful day. 


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Southern California, Hawaii, Oregon, Northern California, Arizona


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Southern California, Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Utah


Southern California, Hawaii, Arizona

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